Common Reasons for Removing Breast Implants

Just as breast augmentation is designed to help you feel better and healthier, breast implant removal surgery is available if you are no longer satisfied with your breasts. This dissatisfaction can occur for many reasons, from a botched surgery to developing health conditions. As you get older, your body changes in many ways that are impossible to predict. You might not want to look the same way you did decades ago.

There are several common reasons for removing breast implants. We encourage you to visit Dr. Elise Min, your local breast and body specialist, to set up a personal consultation to assess your implants.

Common Reasons for Removing Breast Implants

1. Your Implants Have Shifted

Your implants can move out of place after a long time. Whether due to an injury or from exercising too vigorously, your breasts might be quite literally bent out of shape. If your implants have fallen out of place and you now have an odd or asymmetrical appearance, you may need to schedule surgery to have them removed. It might be possible to save your implants by rotating them during surgery, but many patients find that removing them altogether is the preferred option.

2. You Want a Different Breast Size

Did your breast augmentation turn out too big? Or maybe it ended up being a little too small. It is totally okay to be dissatisfied with the size of your breast implants, especially as patients as they get older. If you are in the market for a reduction or an altogether removal, you should visit our office ASAP so you can learn more about our breast implant removal options.

We offer implant exchanges so you can adjust features like the size, shape, and even material of your implant. You can switch from saline to silicone, for example, while adjusting the size to better suit your body’s shape.

3. You Have Aging Breast Implants

Did you know that your breast implants can age? While most cosmetic surgeries are designed to give you long-lasting results, you might notice some of the effects of aging after 20 or so years. Breast implants can age just like the rest of your body can. Over time, they may be more susceptible to problems like rupturing or leaking. You should get a screening done with your trusted surgeon to see what options are available for you.

4. You Just Do Not Want Implants Anymore

The beauty of cosmetic surgery is that it is flexible. Since our breast surgery options are highly personalized, we work hard to make sure that our procedures benefit your overall health and well-being. You may have wanted breast implants for a long time and enjoyed years of a beautiful and curated chest shape.

Now, you are in a different stage of your life and are feeling bogged down by your heavy breast implants. If it is time for you to remove them, our surgical staff would be happy to help you transition into the next phase of your life and appearance.

5. You Developed an Infection

In rare cases, your implants may put you at risk for an infection known as Breast Implant Illness, or BII. BII can come with many concerning symptoms, like fogginess, dry eyes, fatigue, joint pain, and feverishness. Similarly, you can develop a breast implant infection that requires deep treatment. This is a rare occurrence but requires more than antibiotics to heal completely. If you have saline breast implants, there is also a slight chance that they can rupture. Ruptured implants will deflate, and you will immediately notice a change in your breast size and shape.

Transformative Breast Implant Removal is Available in Beverly Hills

Aging, illness, injury, and a general change in preferences are all valid reasons for wanting to have your implants removed. Your augmentation should enhance your life, giving you perks to both your mental and physical health. If the implants are no longer serving you, then it is time to make a change. Get in touch with Dr. Min to learn more about our specialized breast implant removal in Beverly Hills.