How Labiaplasty Boosts Confidence and Comfort

In the world of plastic surgery, every procedure is unique. Every patient has their concerns, and it is our job to find a treatment that will address those concerns with the most success. Anyone looking to improve the aesthetics of their more intimate parts should speak with our labiaplasty specialist about how labiaplasty boosts confidence and comfort exponentially. From increased bodily confidence to happier times in the bedroom, there are plenty of ways that getting a labiaplasty with Dr. Elise Min can boost your looks and your performance.

How Labiaplasty Boosts Confidence and Comfort

Let us review some of the most popular reasons right now!

You Will Gain Way More Self-Confidence

Patients of all ages, sizes, shapes, and genders seek plastic surgery to increase their self-esteem. At our surgery center, we notice that many of our patients report massive boosts in self-confidence and happiness after healing from their cosmetic procedures. Specifically, those who get a labiaplasty often find that the self-conscious feelings they once felt during sex have entirely gone away.

It will not only amplify your confidence during sex, though. You will feel better about yourself in general, even if nobody else will be sharing in the delights of your procedure. Labiaplasty will allow you to further enjoy the way you look and amp up your self-image.

You Will Greatly Reduce Your Pain

Unfortunately, some people with long labia describe experiences of pain during sex. While this is not uncommon, it also should not be settled for. There is no need to feel pain or discomfort in moments when you should be feeling only pleasure. A board-certified labiaplasty treatment can help reduce the length of the labia to reduce the risk of pain during intimacy.

Additionally, some may have damaged their labia during childbirth. Giving birth takes quite a toll on the body and, in some cases, causes damage that can sometimes only be treated through surgical intervention. The labiaplasty procedure offers a way to repair and reshape this part of your body to heal past damages and create smoother skin. While the labia minora is not always the cause of pain during sex, changing its shape does frequently reduce feelings of tension when being intimate or simply sitting down.

You Will Have Better Sex

It may go without saying, but a procedure that reduces pain and boosts self-esteem is sure to drive up the pleasure of intimate experiences as well. Labiaplasty patients can look forward to a far better sex life and a heightened libido, not only because the surgery itself increases the ability to feel pleasure but also because the surgery helps shift one’s mood and self-image.

A negative self-image can be an enormous dampener on libido, making it difficult for those with self-confidence issues to feel good during those moments of closeness. Labiaplasty can turn that all around, inviting newfound confidence that partners are bound to find sexy.

You Will Develop Better Communication Skills, Too

Being more confident in the bedroom comes from being confident in every other aspect of your life. Though physical or sexual embarrassment can make you feel less than great about yourself, remembering your improved shape and performance can help you bounce right back to the best version of yourself. If self-conscious feelings surrounding sex have caused you to become irritable or withdrawn, you need labiaplasty now more than ever. The newfound feeling of confidence will bring you closer to knowing what you want in life—and that will make it so much easier to speak it out loud to others.

You Can Even Increase Your Libido

Ultimately, you will not feel embarrassed about your body, and you will feel better about getting intimate after you recover from your labiaplasty procedure. Many patients fear that the procedure will actually get rid of sexual sensation altogether, but in reality, the opposite tends to be true. After the procedure, most patients report feeling that their ability to experience pleasure remains the same or is even enhanced after recovering.

Instead of popping unhealthy pills or using manmade substances to get yourself in the mood, you can use your newfound closeness with your body to be more in tune with your desires.

Discover the Benefits of Labiaplasty For Yourself!

It is our passion to help you achieve the look of your dreams from head to toe, so we highly encourage you to reach out and schedule a consultation. There are many reasons why you may be seeking a labiaplasty this season. Whether you are looking to reduce pain or change your body into a shape that gives you more confidence, our expert team of professionals will be there for you every step of the way. Get in touch with Dr. Elise Min, a board-certified female plastic surgeon, to find out how labiaplasty will boost your confidence.