Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

A Natural Path Toward Stunning Enhancement

Breast augmentation continues to be a popular path for patients to reach their aesthetic ideals. However, there are individuals who are hesitant about using artificial materials within their bodies. For those who do not want breast implants, fat transfer breast augmentation is an appealing option as it provides a boost to chest volume using only one’s natural tissue.

What Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Fat transfer breast augmentation, also referred to as natural breast augmentation or lipofilling, is a type of plastic surgery procedure that uses one’s own fat cells to enhance the size and shape of their breasts. During this procedure, fat is harvested from other areas of the body (such as the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs) through precise liposuction techniques. Once the fat is processed properly, it is then injected to enhance volume according to the patient’s goals. This procedure serves as a popular alternative to traditional augmentation methods, which use either saline or silicone implants to increase size.


With more patients seeking natural-based alternatives to traditional augmentation with implants, natural breast augmentation continues to grow in popularity. Some of its key potential benefits include the following.

  • It avoids the use of implants.
  • There is no risk of rejection or allergic reaction.
  • The results are natural-looking and long-lasting.
  • Liposuction of the donor site offer body-contouring benefits in the donor areas.
  • The procedure does not require future upkeep surgery that is required of breast implant surgery where an implant exchange takes place every ten years or so.
  • Incisions are typically very small and lead to minimal scarring.

Who Is a Candidate?

This procedure is best suited for those who want to modestly enhance the size of their breasts without implants. With one round of fat transfer, one can expect a half a cup size increase in the volume. For some, this may translate into still being in the same bra size as before but will find that their bras are filling in fuller and nicer after the procedure. The ideal candidate for this procedure will have a few key traits that make them a good match. These tend to include the following:

  • Be at a healthy, stable weight
  • Have enough fat to use for transfer
  • Be non-smoking before and after surgery
  • Have realistic and healthy expectations
  • Effectively communicate goals to their surgeon

An Overview of the Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Procedure Experience

The fat transfer breast augmentation procedure typically takes around two to three hours under general anesthesia. During the procedure, small incisions will be made in the areas from which fat is carefully harvested via precise liposuction techniques. After this process is complete, the fat cells are processed and isolated from other fluids and tissues. The purified fat cells are then injected into the chest through needle-poke holes as the plastic surgeon injects fat to achieve the desired volume and symmetry. At the end of the operation, patients will be placed in a compression garment over the liposuction areas. Once the procedure is complete, patients can return home the same day.

After the Surgery: Recovery

It is important that the breasts do not have any pressure or heat/cold compression over the area immediately after the surgery. This is to allow new fat cells to have a chance to take hold. During this time, the body will naturally absorb some of the new fat cells as part of the natural healing process. To maximize the percentage of fat cells that take hold, it is important to maintain high carbohydrate diet for the first two weeks after the procedure and to consider hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment postoperatively. It is also necessary to wear compression garments over the liposuction areas for a few weeks. Patients may return to most normal activities within two weeks following surgery.

Seeing Your Results from a Fat Transfer

Patients will see results immediately after the surgery, however much this of volume will still be swelling. It takes up to three to six months for the fat cells to take hold and for the swelling to fully resolve. If more volume is desired, additional rounds of fat transfer procedure can be performed. This is to ensure safety and optimal healing of the fat cells since over-injecting fat cells in one operation can lead to fat necrosis. Once the final results are achieved, the new breast volume is long-lasting. Because these are one’s own cells, if there are any weight fluctuations in the future, the volume may also be affected.

Combining a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation With Other Procedures

Many of our patients in Beverly Hills also like to combine a fat transfer breast augmentation with other procedures such as additional liposuction, tummy tuck, or a breast lift. Doing so not only helps them achieve their desired results more effectively but can also help allow patients to only require a single recovery time and minimize overall costs. Depending on your individual goals and needs, we can develop a personalized plan that is built around your goals. Combined procedures allow patients to further enhance their results and sculpt their ideal aesthetic into reality.

Dr. Min
Dr. Min

Meet Dr. Elise Min

Board-Certified Female Plastic Surgeon Specializing In Breast And Body Procedures In Los Angeles
Board-Certified Female Plastic Surgeon Specializing In Breast And Body Procedures In Los Angeles

Dr. Elise Min, a distinguished female plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, is renowned for her unique expertise in breast and body surgery. Board-certified and fellowship-trained, Dr. Min is celebrated for her personal approach to aesthetic surgery and her exceptional patient care. She places great emphasis on educating her patients, allowing them to make informed decisions about their treatment.

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