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Looking in a mirror should be a moment that brings out confidence, a time each day when you feel ready to enjoy the day ahead. When signs of aging begin interfering with that aspect of the quality of life, a facelift procedure can restore that sense of vibrant living and allows you to rediscover the joy of greeting the world with a youthful, rejuvenated appearance.

What Is a Facelift?

Also known as a rhytidectomy, a facelift is a transformative facial rejuvenation surgery focused on tightening underlying muscles and removing excess skin to provide a more youthful look. Though the procedure has long been a staple of aesthetic surgery, modern advances in techniques now provide enhanced results. A modern approach to the facelift allows patients to see a younger, refreshed appearance while maintaining a natural-looking aesthetic without signs of having had surgery.

Benefits of a Modern Facelift Procedure

To see the greatest possible benefits from this procedure, it is essential for patients to visit an experienced surgeon. A facelift with Dr. Min will help improve the following aspects of aging:
  • Multiple signs of aging in the face
  • Deep creases along the nose extending to the corner of your mouth (nasolabial folds)
  • Lost volume in cheeks and mid-face area along with jowls
  • Loose skin and excess fat under the chin and jaw that give an undefined look to your face
  • Skin laxity in the neck area and vertical bands known as “turkey neck”

Who Is a Candidate for a Facelift?

The ideal candidates for a facelift are adults who have begun to experience signs of aging, such as wrinkles and loose skin. A facelift can also help address issues related to genetic influences or sun damage that may be affecting your overall appearance. With a facelift procedure, Dr. Min can help you discover the youthful look you previously enjoyed. By working with each patient with an in-depth consultation process, Dr. Min will devise a tailored surgical plan for you. Different patients may be a candidate for different types of facelifts: mini-facelift, mid-facelift or full facelift. If you want to see a lasting youthful restoration to your features, then the odds are high that you are an excellent candidate for a facelift procedure.

An Overview of the Facelift Procedure Experience

Before your scheduled facelift procedure, you will receive detailed instructions explaining what to do before and after the procedure. The actual surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, usually with general anesthesia or IV sedation administered by an anesthesiologist.
Dr. Min will create a tailored approach to your facelift, carefully creating incisions around the hairline and ears to access underlying layers for tightening. If you are undergoing a full facelift, the procedure is commonly combined with a neck lift or neck liposuction to create a smoother, more youthful appearance in the neck as well. A typical procedure can last about 3-4 hours but varies according to your procedure plan, the amount of work to be completed, and if you have combined procedures.

After the Surgery: Recovery

After your facelift is complete, you can expect some swelling and bruising, which typically subsides for the most part within two weeks. Dr. Min will provide guidance throughout the recovery process to ensure the best possible outcome for your facelift procedure. Your recovery time after a facelift in Beverly Hills depends on the extent of your procedure. Most patients return to their normal activities within two weeks, though it is important to avoid strenuous activity for at least four weeks. To maintain your results, be sure to protect your skin from sun damage and work with a dermatologist to build a personal skincare routine.

Seeing Your Results

The results of your facelift should be visible within a few weeks as the initial swelling subsides. You will begin to notice a difference in the shape of your face, an uplifting appearance, and a smoother skin texture that can last for years. At-home care and daily healthy routines maintain your youthful look and keep you looking refreshed for years to come. Avoiding lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking, or excessive sun exposure can also benefit your results in the long run. Additionally, non-surgical treatments such as dermal fillers and laser treatments can enhance or prolong results even further.

Combining a Facelift With Other Procedures

Facelift surgery can often be combined with additional facial rejuvenation procedures to enhance your results. Dr. Min will listen to your desires and concerns and create a customized treatment plan that may include a brow lift, eyelid surgery, or dermal fillers. Combining these treatments is an effective way to address multiple issues in one comprehensive session and reduce recovery time. In some cases, you can have multiple procedures in a single visit, saving you time and convenience. As for non-surgical treatments, they may prove most useful after you have fully healed from your facelift, so you can see what further aesthetic choices would best suit your natural and enhanced features.

Dr. Min
Dr. Min

Meet Dr. Elise Min

Board-Certified Female Plastic Surgeon Specializing In Breast And Body Procedures In Los Angeles
Board-Certified Female Plastic Surgeon Specializing In Breast And Body Procedures In Los Angeles

Dr. Elise Min, a distinguished female plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, is renowned for her unique expertise in breast and body surgery. Board-certified and fellowship-trained, Dr. Min is celebrated for her personal approach to aesthetic surgery and her exceptional patient care. She places great emphasis on educating her patients, allowing them to make informed decisions about their treatment.

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