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With a warm and caring approach, Dr. Min understands that every patient’s journey is unique. Her expertise, combined with her genuine commitment to your well-being, ensures that you will receive personalized care and exceptional results throughout your transformative experience. As a woman and a mom, Dr. Elise Min understands everything womanhood stands for and invites you to embody confidence, embrace your full potential, and emerge into the new you.

Setting a New Standard for Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Min’s practice is built around providing exceptional care with a personal, human touch. Her work as a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills allows her to give patients the opportunity to unveil their best selves and live life the way they genuinely want to. Every procedure and treatment is built on a foundation of empathy, open-mindedness, and passion for her patients, ensuring an experience where you are always at the center.
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Dr. Min
body confidence.
brace your full potential.
erge into the new you.
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The First Page of a New Chapter

Plastic surgery is not about changing who you are, but building upon your existing foundation of unique beauty and brilliance. In her experience as a board-certified female plastic surgeon, Dr. Min understands the changes a body can go through and hopes to help you begin a new chapter of confidence and self-love.

Meet Dr. Elise Min

Dr. Elise Min is a board-certified, fellowship-trained plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California. She received her medical degree from Stanford University School of Medicine and underwent surgical training at Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the University of Washington Medical Center. 

Dr. Min
Dr. Min
Dr. Min
An Elegant Approach to Plastic Surgery
For the best results in any plastic surgery procedure, a refined and balanced technique is required. The most beautiful outcomes are founded upon enhancing individual beauty and transforming your overall appearance in a way that looks and feels natural. Dr. Min ensures this by keeping every incision as short as possible, treating skin and tissue with delicate hands, taking care of every patient with compassion and respect, while promoting patient safety on every level during consultation, surgery and aftercare.

Results that Celebrate the Body

Discover the results of real patients to see the transformative outcomes of Dr. Min’s aesthetic technique. View our gallery of before-and-after photos of procedures completed by our leading female plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills.
Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.
- Audrey Hepburn
Break Out of Your Shell. Become Your Best Self.
Dr. Min’s work as a female plastic surgeon is about opening the door for each patient, but it is up to them to step through it. It all starts with a consultation with Dr. Min, a personal meeting where you take the central role. This is your opportunity for you to discuss your goals, hopes, and expectations, knowing you have an award-winning physician by your side. Dr. Min will take her time to explore every avenue and treatment option with you, ensuring you can set forth on the path to rediscovering your best self.
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