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Weight changes, pregnancy and the course of aging can result in significant changes to the abdominal area. For some, it could be the excess skin that becomes loose. For others, it could be the stubborn pockets of fat that simply will not respond to diet and exercise. Although there may be some improvement with working out, many will experience it is nearly impossible to resolve on one’s own. With a professional tummy tuck in Beverly Hills at Dr. Min’s practice, patients can see transformative results that help them achieve a bodily aesthetic that matches their goals.

What Is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is an aesthetic procedure performed to remove excess fat and skin from the abdominal area. The procedure can be done in conjunction with liposuction for improved contouring by eliminating stubborn pockets of fat. It can also help restore weakened or separated rectus muscles, known as rectus diastasis, creating a smoother and firmer abdominal profile that looks stronger and healthier.

Types of Tummy Tucks

Every individual has unique body shapes, and the key is finding the right procedure for each body type. Tummy tucks are typically divided into two categories: the full and the mini.

Full Tummy Tuck

A full tummy tuck is used when significant amounts of skin and fat must be removed from the abdominal area. This could be relevant for those who have experienced major weight loss, pregnancy, or prior abdominal surgery. There are two surgical techniques that Dr. Min performs for those who are candidates: full abdominoplasty or lipoabdominoplasty. 

Dr. Min will examine your abdominal area and advise you as to which technique will lead to a more aesthetic outcome for your unique body shape. A rectus diastasis repair is concurrently performed to knit the abdominal muscles back together to both flatten the abdominal wall and result in a slimmer waistline. The incisions will be a low incision that hides under your bikini and around the belly button that is re-exposed. For some significant weight loss patients, there are also options of an extended tummy tuck or a circumferential body lift.

Mini Tummy Tuck

A mini tummy tuck is a similar concept but focuses only on the area beneath the belly button. It is ideal for those with small amounts of skin sagging or pockets of fat. The incision is a shorter incision that hides under your bikini, similar to the length of a c-section scar. It is also an opportunity to get a c-section scar revised for those who desire it.

Choosing the right procedure for you may seem difficult, but Dr. Min will guide you through the process and provide full information of the procedure most beneficial to your body shape. With fully provided information, you can carefully and comfortably make the decision about what procedure to move forward with.


A modern tummy tuck procedure is a reliable and effective way to improve your appearance and self-confidence, especially when diet and exercise can no longer take your body forward. This cosmetic procedure can provide several benefits when performed by an experienced surgeon. Some of these include:
  • Helping flatten the abdomen
  • Creating a smoother profile
  • Removing saggy skin
  • Reducing stretch marks
  • Providing long-lasting results
  • Shaping your waistline

Who Is a Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

Most people considering a tummy tuck should be in good health and at or near their happy, realistic weight. Undergoing the operation at a weight that is easy to maintain is key as additional weight changes after the procedure can interfere with the quality of results. Discussing your specific needs with Dr. Min during your consultation period is essential to ensure that you get the desired outcomes. To learn if you are a candidate, the first step is to set up a consultation with Dr. Min and discuss your procedure options in a comfortable and compassionate environment.

An Overview of the Procedure Experience

At your initial consultation with Dr. Min, she will discuss with you the various aspects of the procedure, including benefits and risks. You should also be prepared to provide details about your medical history and have any pertinent images or medical reports available, such as a history of prior abdominal surgery or any known hernias. Dr Min will then create a customized surgical plan along with pre-operative instructions, medications, post-operative care, and follow-up appointment times. The surgery length can vary depending on the type of tummy tuck you are undergoing from 2-4 hours. Additionally, if any other procedures have become a part of your procedure plan, the duration of the surgery may be longer. Typically, patients will receive general anesthesia to ensure a painless experience. Some will return home the same day as the procedure while others may choose to stay at an aftercare with one-on-one nursing staff. This is particularly helpful for moms who have little children at home and prefer to a have a restful first night after the operation.

After the Surgery: Recovery and Maintenance

The recovery process is an integral part of the tummy tuck procedure, and practicing proper aftercare will play a major role in the quality of the outcomes you see. After surgery, you will need to rest and take it easy for about two weeks, taking time off from work and avoiding any strenuous physical activity. For the first two weeks, you may find it more comfortable to sleep in a reclining chair or with pillows under your knees and keeping your head of bed elevated. You should continue to avoid strenuous activities until Dr. Min gives you the go-ahead, which is around 4-6 weeks, but the importance of being careful will remain vital until you are fully healed.

Seeing Your Results from a Tummy Tuck

The full and final results of a tummy tuck are typically visible after the swelling and bruising have subsided, but you can expect to see changes almost immediately. The final outcome can take 3-6 months to appear as your body continues to heal and adjust to its new shape. A fully healed tummy tuck can boost self-confidence for years to come. While the results are long-lasting, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid future weight fluctuations, which could interfere with how your results look.

Combining With Other Procedures

Some people may choose to combine a tummy tuck with other procedures, such as liposuction or breast surgery, for a more comprehensive aesthetic outcome, which can be especially beneficial for those who have experienced significant weight loss or are looking to achieve dramatic results. Combining multiple procedures also means that you will only need to undergo one recovery period rather than separate ones across multiple periods. To learn more about combination procedures, you can explore your options with Dr. Min during your consultation.

Dr. Min
Dr. Min

Meet Dr. Elise Min

Board-Certified Female Plastic Surgeon Specializing In Breast And Body Procedures In Los Angeles
Board-Certified Female Plastic Surgeon Specializing In Breast And Body Procedures In Los Angeles

Dr. Elise Min, a distinguished female plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, is renowned for her unique expertise in breast and body surgery. Board-certified and fellowship-trained, Dr. Min is celebrated for her personal approach to aesthetic surgery and her exceptional patient care. She places great emphasis on educating her patients, allowing them to make informed decisions about their treatment.

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